Business Process Management

Business process management is the method of aligning the interests of the company to match the interests of the client. We sell used, rebuilt and new pieces of equipment because we know some customers don't care if a tool has been used once; they want a great day.

Let Survival Lessons Show You the Way to Breakthrough Improvements

By Donald Mitchell -- At the time of the decision, the company had the lowest profit margin (after-tax earnings divided by sales) in the industry, the second lowest market share (company sales divided by industry sales), the most debt compared to its equity, poor stock price performance, and customers who wouldn't buy the company's offerings unless they sold below everyone else's price. The goal was to improve to a leadership position along all of these dimensions. Within a year... more

Explaining 5S Implementation for the Non-Manufacturing Sector

By Peter Peterka -- 5s is another well known business process management principles and quality control certification and has got extensive support in the manufacturing sector. 5S works mostly towards removal of wasteful processes and products within an organization, and has been derived from the Japanese words seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke. 5S has also found a lot of support in the Japanese manufacturing units and that is one of the key reasons for the high quality of... more

You Get What You Measure - Are You Getting What You Want?

By Diana Habich, CPCC -- Regardless of whether your manager requires it, the reason to track your activity is the relationship between measurement and results. Plain and simple, what you measure will dictate what you get. Why? When you measure, you're keenly focused on strategic activities, honing specific skills and streamlining processes that will produce the end results you want. Imagine for a moment what achieving your sales goals will mean to you. Is your goal to buy a new... more

How to Manage a Project

By Samuel Lartey -- Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements. Project management is a specialized management technique to plan and control projects. A project is generally deemed successful if it meets pre-determined targets set by the client, performs the job it was intended to do, or solves an identified problem within the pre-determined time, costs and quality constraints. To successfully manage a project there are various tasks... more

Business Process Management ? The Six Sigma Approach

By Peter Peterka -- Implementing Six Sigma into your business takes a high level of commitment, because it does not go project-to-project. There needs to be 100% commitment from all levels of management, especially upper management. Six Sigma is intended to be a methodology that is implemented throughout the entire organization, and without full support from the very top of the management chain down, the resistance to the change that is inevitable in any organization will triumph and Six... more