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Understanding Electric Motors

By Anand Dongre -- The world of electric motors is quite fascinating. For many making and collecting various types of electric motors is a hobby and for others making the best electric motors to power various devices is a profession. Whatever the approach is, but electric motors offer innumerable possibilities for improvisation. Working with electric motors and understanding them is a rewarding and learning experience. Let us find out more about electric motors in general. Usually, electric motors can... more

Soft Starter: A Generation of Electric Motor Power Control

By Ariel -- Technically, a "Soft Starter" (when in the context of to AC electric motors) is an electronic device that reduces the torque in the power train of a motor. In practice this is mechanically a clutch, fluid drive, magnetic coupling or shot coupling. Electrically a soft starter can be any control system that reduces the torque by reducing the voltage in, or a device that causes a change in the motor connection. The soft starter can... more

Understanding Electric Motors and Their Uses

By David Urmann -- In general, the DC electric motors work for conditions controlling the speed is essential. It is due to the factor that DC motors have a steady and constant current. DC motors are also the first and earliest motors used. But these good factors are also accompanied with some limitations; for instance, the DC electric motors are incapable of producing power over long period of time. Most of the electric companies are aware of the limitation... more

Air Compressors and Energy

By James Hunt -- The working pressure band is the pressure range the control can span from fully loaded flow to fully unloaded. Well-planned systems hold as narrow a band as possible. The first control type is automatic start/stop that automatic starts and stops the electric motor or driver. A pressure switch shuts off the motor at the upper pressure limit and restarts the motor at a lower pressure. Heat buildup in AC electric motors limits the number of... more

Kinds of Transformer for Power Generation

By Mr.Monish -- Some of the kinds of transformers are current transformer, isolation transformer, power transformer, electric transformer, audio transformer, flyback transformer, high voltage transformer, low voltage transformer, step down transformer. Transformers are sold for reasonable and affordable prices to enable the customers to pay off the price consideration. The different kinds of transformers satisfy the requirement of the customers and meet their demand at the time of requirement. Some of the kinds of transformers are displayed below... more