Heavy Equipment

When working with heavy equipment, it's vital to know exactly what you need because it can mean the difference between a success and a huge failure. We're open to questions, so if you're slightly unsure about something, let us know, and we'll do our best in getting an answer for you.

Caterpillar Equipment

By Review Host -- The story of CAT dates back to the late 19th century, when Daniel Best and Benjamin Holt were experimenting with different ways to fulfill the promise that steam tractors held for farm work. Prior to 1925, the Holt family had pioneered track tractors and gasoline powered engines. After the companies of Best and Holt were merged, the company went through several changes then at the end of World War 2, they began to grow at... more

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How to Become a Heavy Equipment Operator

By Kris Koonar -- A commercial driver license is a must for a HE operator. Usually, a high school diploma, or its equivalent, is also a requirement. Some amount of experience in truck driving, and familiarity with small construction machinery is also a necessity. Along with that, they also should have knowledge of the hazards, safety rules, and the required precautions for traffic laws. HE operators should also be able to work with a variety of people, be flexible... more

Used Heavy Equipment - Shopping Tips

By groshan fabiola -- The testing shouldn't stop here. Listen to the engine running for more than a minute or two. Also listen to the hydraulics when the used heavy equipment is performing its special duties. Try to detect any kind weird smells like burning oil or electrical short circuits. When you get behind the wheel or the levers, try to feel if the controls work as they should. However, you should keep in mind one thing: even the... more

The Advantages of Purchasing Used Construction Equipment Online

By Bob Rickman -- For sure, the main advantage that the used heavy equipment presents is the fact that it comes at a more reasonable price. The online market presents wide ranges of discounted construction equipment that might seem, financially speaking, incomparable with the prices for new equipment. Still, in some cases, this might not work as an advantage, since used machineries can imply extra repairing costs. But in order to make sure that the machine comes at a... more

What Is Heavy Machinery and What Are The Merits Of Heavy Machinery?

By Mart Porter -- Heavy machine or heavy machinery is referred to a complex machine doing a number of simple machine operations at the same time. The need for usage of heavy machinery arises from the fact that complex and complicated activities such as laying of roads, tilling and sowing seeds equidistantly spread over a vast area of agricultural fields ready for the commencement of agricultural operations can neither be performed with the help of simple machines, nor the... more