Industrial Coating

The industrial coating on certain pieces of equipment can make all the different in making the lifespan longer. Ask our knowledgable staff if you have any questions about the coating on any of our items.

Industrial Coating for Rust Prevention

By David Ciglar -- Refined to perfection, rust inhibitors from Rust Bullet work effectually on both clean and rusty metal. The industrial coating is scientifically proven to be highly successful for combating and killing rust. It can remove and prevent rust for a period of ten years or longer. These stop rust industrial coatings also do not require any special preparation just a clean dry surface they are highly successful under extreme weather conditions and work under water as... more

Repairing Bubbles and Craters in Epoxy and Urethane Floors

By Durall Industrial Flooring -- Bubbles and craters in newly installed concrete floor coatings often come from gases flowing through the porous cement. These gases can be argon, methane, or whatever is under the slab. Sometimes the gases come from chemical reactions still being produced by the preparatory floor cleaning process. Often the gases derive from air being sucked into the room by the heating system or by natural airflow. We describe here a simple, effective solution for repairing these... more

Industrial Floors Use Color Coding to Communicate

By Harvey Chichester -- Now that we know how to get colored epoxy floor coatings down to stay, why not take advantage of them? Color coding pallet positions to correspond to color-coded conveyer belts is one way. Items coming off the yellow conveyer go to pallets on the yellow markings. Blue conveyer items go to blue conveyer pallet locations. Or, red spaces can be assigned for fire equipment and hose outlets, blue markings for water lines, and white markings... more

Concrete Coating

By David Ciglar -- Most concrete buildings have metal base and structures. And where there is metal, can rust be far behind? Despite the fact that metals have a concrete coating and are not exposed to the harsh atmospheric condition, there is still the possibility of moisture seeping in and causing harm to the metal structures. Hence it is imperative that they be well protected against rust to prevent the metal structure from becoming weak and causing damage to... more

Garage Floors - A High Tech Floor Coating Can Help Keep Everything in Order.

By Abigail Franks -- Instead of the dull gray garage floor, these coating come in a variety of colors. Many of the most popular polymer coatings for garage floors are a two or three step process that includes a base coat, a measure of color flakes and a top coat. Once cured, parking your car on this wonder of modern science is not a problem. Another alternative for garage floors are high density, oil resistant mats. These cushioning maps... more