Industrial Construction

Industrial construction requires equipment that you need to rely on. You can depend on the equipment you buy from Kravas Equipment, Inc.

The Advantages of Steel Buildings

By Peter Emerson -- Steel buildings offer many advantages. They are usually constructed much faster than buildings using other materials; the costs are usually lower compared to traditional building methods; they are lighter weight; they are easier to maintain; and they carry a reduced risk of fire. Moreover, steel is 66% recyclable, which makes it an especially cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to any other construction material. Above all, strength is a major plus for steel. "... more

A Career In Civil Engineering

By Tony Jacowski -- The planning and designing part demands site investigation, resource feasibility study and on-the-spot decision making. An engineer has to be quick to make a decision because emergencies do come up and need to be dealt with then and there. Other important duties of an engineer involve taking care of work within the local government guidelines and getting permission for plans, creating a cost estimate and construction schedules and post-completion maintenance of the project."... more

When and How to Get Construction Equipment Leasing

By Bob Newman -- Construction Equipment Leasing may fall into three main categories - namely the capital lease, the operating lease, or the skip lease. The capital lease (also called a finance lease) acts like a regular loan and will last about as long as the actual lifespan of the Construction Equipment. If the Construction Equipment is in good working condition at the end of this lease term, the capital lease allows you to take advantage of the stipulation... more

Benefits of Using Construction Estimating Software

By Terry Fitzroy -- Back when computers weren't as popular as they are today, finding an estimate for equipment or a job usually took an hour each time you had to look up the price in a book. And the costs associated with getting the new edition of that book every year made the whole process almost not worth the time and money put into it. With construction estimation software, your time is reduced to how long it takes... more

The Pros And Cons Of Factory Automation

By Joe Goertz -- There is some debate on whether or not an automated factory is a good idea. Automation relies on machines, like robots to perform tasks that were at one time performed by a human. One of the problems is the fact that these robots and machines cost in the million or more dollars range for the most part, which means a very high initial investment for the company. Now they could, in theory, make the investment... more