To be able to manage the flow of goods between your company and your customers, practicing good logistics, it's essential that you use industrial equipment that you can depend on. As a seller or surplus and slightly-used equipment, you can buy your equipment at a good price and not have to sacrifice quality.

Document Management System in Logistics

By Dustin Baker -- A Web-based system integrated with internal systems could transform conventional logistics management beyond recognition. It would now be possible to manage operations of a global scale even more easily than those within a small geographical area. A Web-based system means that much of the information would be stored on a server accessible over the Internet. As a result, outside persons could access up-to-date information from wherever they are. The only requirements would be that they... more

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Logistics Service Providers Are Seeing Competition Rise

By 30th January 2007 -- Once tasked mainly with transportation services, today's logistics service companies are facing greater than before levels of competition caused by market changes. Retailers are expanding their businesses globally, forcing logistics service providers to expand operations and create new value-added services. Logistics service providers are confronting higher customer expectations such as a more intimate knowledge of, and services tailored to, the customers' respective industries. Providers are further recognizing a strain on their profitability from increasing cost... more

Why Logistics Systems Depend on Human Experience and Common Sense

By 02nd February 2006 -- Imagine that the view you have is of the earth's surface, like a Google satellite map, and with a single click you can zoom in to any portion of the world where you have logistics or resupply responsibilities. A single click and you can instantly obtain an accurate logistics situational assessment of a broad, wide-ranging area. Click again and your view and focus narrows even more. At this new level, you get a more detailed,... more

Distribution and Logistics

By nagaraja rao m r -- The logistics chain includes the owners (wholesalers and retailers), manufacturers' agents, and transportation channels that an item passes through between initial manufacture and final purchase by a consumer. At each stage, goods belong (as assets) to the seller until the buyer accepts them. Distribution includes four components: 1. Manufacturers' agents: Distributors who hold and transport a consignment of finished goods for manufacturers without ever owning it. Accountants refer to manufacturers' agents' inventory as "materiel" in... more

Containerization- Past, Present and Future

By Harmeet Kohli -- Containerization is an inter-modal system of transporting the general cargo or product in lots which are too small for the traditional bulk transport system, using ISO standard containers. The goods can be easily moved from one location to another in these containers which can be loaded intact onto the container ships, trucks, railroad cars and planes. The concept of containerization is considered as the key innovation in the field of logistics which has revolutionized freight... more