Supply Chain Management

When a supply chain depends on many different machines, it's important to use quality equipment you can count on. Not only can you get a great price when shopping with Kravas Equipment, but our equipment is quality you can depend on.

Supply Chain Management 101

By Dan Johnson -- It involves managers who map out the entire process and look for inefficiencies and others who develop and maintain relationships with suppliers to ensure a steady supply of inputs. It involves the actual process of manufacturing or value add in which those inputs become the products that will be sold as well as ""logistics"" or the process of getting those value added products to customers. And finally it involves dealing with and compensating for supply... more

Supply Chain Management for the Small Business Owner

By Shay -- One of the most common mistakes small business owners make when it comes to inventory is assuming that backup inventory is the only way to sufficiently insure against unexpected shortages. This can become a real issue as few small businesses possess the space or capital to invest in backup inventory, or are in an industry that involves perishable goods. The solution is to seek out and maintain relationships with backup suppliers while... more

5 Minute Guide to Supply Chain Management

By Natalie Aranda -- In simpler terms, supply chain management generally makes a business run smoother. For instance, if issues surrounding a problem are reduced and money isn't lost, then this is an example of how supply chain management can benefit a company. As long as there is a strong relationship between the business and manufacturers, the product will have a better chance at doing well. After all, this aspect involves every step of the supply chain... more

Reverse Logistics in Supply Chain Management

By John Mehrmann -- The early days of Reverse Logistics were measured by convenience and customer accommodations. The focus was on the front end of the return process, the ability for consumers to be able to return unwanted or defective merchandise. The ability to facilitate a consumer return was a courtesy that turned into a compelling competitive differentiator in retail. The companies that did not support consumer returns found themselves at a strategic disadvantage to those that did... more

An Introduction to Supply Chain Management

By Jim Staller -- The mere mention of supply chain management, outside of business circles, tends to set eyes rolling. While it may not be of interest to the average lay-person, it is an item of great interest to those in the business community. Supply chain management is a crucial element of good overall business management. Long term viability and corporate profitability are critically dependent upon it. Let's spend a few minutes exploring the basics of supply chain management... more