Surplus & Used Equipments

If you've had a problem finding equipment elsewhere, try asking us. Even if the equipment is used, we make sure we only sell high-quality surplus and used equipment.

Industrial Equipment Financing

By Chris Fletcher -- Industrial equipments include heavy machinery which is indispensable for day to day operation of any industry or company. They are special in nature and so they carry high price tags. However such expensive equipments can be acquired by way of industrial equipment financing provided by some genuine financing companies. Heavy machinery equipments normally refer to heavy machinery like bull dozer, back hoes, cranes etc which are essential for construction industry. Backhoe financing which is a... more

Make your Business Profitable With Used Construction Equipment

By Groshan Fabiola -- The construction business is experiencing a boom once again, after some years of slow growth. This naturally turns the construction business into a very profitable one, as long as there is a high demand in this industry. But high demand is just one factor. As you must have guessed, like many other industries, the construction industry is very competitive, and the more ace the competition is, the more stringent are the demands on the contractors... more

Use of Lifting Equipments to Expedite Industrial Output

By Daniel Spivey -- The importance of lifting equipment in ensuring industrial safety can't be over exemplified. Installation of lifting devices is a mandatory requirement as per industrial guidelines for ensuring security of workers at workplaces. Lifting equipment are designed to ease out industrial lifting operations The use of lifting equipment are subject to vigorous regulations as being recommended by Lifting Equipment Regulations, 1998. Today, a number of lifting equipment are used to carry out industrial lifting operations, the... more

Medical and Industrial Gas Equipment: How They are Manufactured and What are Their Uses

By Smit Mathur -- For common activities such as welding, cleaning, and cutting, the use of gas is considered very important. Since these activities require gas, the need for gas equipment is compulsory to increase productivity and ensure safety. For instance, large amounts of mixture of gases are used in the welding process. These gases come out of a pressurised cylinder and help welding machines to cut through metals, using high temperature flames, like butter. The pressurised cylinder is... more

A Unique Solution For Equipment Leasing And Financing

By Christine OKelly -- In order to run a business smoothly and effectively, it is vital that business owners have access to all of the equipment and supplies that are required by their industry. A construction company cannot function without its workhorses, a corporate office needs computers and other technology in order to reach out to clients and business partners, and restaurant owners cannot deliver their specialties to hungry patrons without the right kitchen equipment. However, many businesses cannot... more