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Factoring Freight Bills - the Easy Way to Finance your Trucking Company

By Marco Terry -- Managing slow paying customers can be a real hassle. For example, if you call them to ask for a quick pay, you run the risk of upsetting them. And upsetting a customer can be very dangerous. On the other hand, waiting for payments can be a real problem, especially if you need to pay drivers or suppliers. Drivers don't like to wait to get paid. The solution is to get business financing. Many times that... more

Kenworth K104. A Heavy Duty Cab Over

By Kerry Plowright -- If you are after the added aerodynamic performance and fuel efficiency of the lightweight fibreglass Aerodyne model, then the K104 offers both single and bunk bed configurations for long distance and buddy system driving. Some used trucks will also have optional extras such as overhead lockers and storage shelves. New trucks also have the option to be fitted with TV, VCR and fridge so look out for these when inspecting any one... more

The Truck Driver's Responsibility - Trucking Safety, First and Always

By Brett R. Aquila -- A typical story you'll hear a truck driver tell after his truck has tipped over is, "I was going around the curve on the offramp and the load shifted causing the truck to tip." And I believe every word of this story almost every time because that's exactly what usually happened, except they left out a couple of details....what they should have said was, "I was going too fast around the curve"... more

Trucking Companies and Jobs Related Information

By 28th June 2006 -- To highlight the importance attached to a trucking company and their role in our culture we have profiled the importance of the trucking industry and trucking companies in Arkansas. Trucking companies in Arkansas alone are responsible for carrying 87% of all the manufactured freight transported into and out of the state, with 86% of Arkansas communities relying exclusively on this transportation from trucking company. These figures are reflective of states all over America, one in... more

The Impact of NAFTA on Trucking

By 02nd March 2007 -- In 2003, there was court ordered Environmental Impact Reports done on the effect of Mexican drivers using U.S Highways. The courts ruled that the EIR was inadequate, and further studies needed to be done. Recent efforts to control the influx of illegal immigration between Mexico and the United States, and talk of a border fence and increased border security have further complicated the issue. Mexico does not have anywhere near the safety regulations of the... more